Improvisational theater + artist talk Impro DJ Video

Do. 03.11.2016   20:30->Ratibor Theater, Kreuzberg

Artist talk following 'Impro Embassy: Revolutions'

DJ Hunnicutt and Lee White join forces in Berlin to perform a show with one actor and one musician. Using music and video controlled from his turntables, DJ Hunnicutt will twist and turn the stories with astonishing skills. Meet the artists after the show and discuss about the musical support in improve theater.

1 Lee Tyler. Foto: © PROMO2 Marie Golüke, Performerin, Theatermacherin, Theaterscout

How does music support improvising on stage? What is special about the musical support by a DJ (instead of a keyboard player)? What is the meaning of using videos at the performance? The audiences are invited to discuss about this questions.

You can reserve tickets (10/13/16 €) including free admission to the post-performance discussion directly through Theater Scoutings! (up to 1 day before the performance) Just send an email and the desired number of tickets to reservierung(at)
You are also certainly welcome to simply come by on the day of the performance, but we are unable to guarantee that tickets will be available. 


8:30 pm – performance
After the show - artist talk

Questions? The people with pink Theaterscoutings-badges are here to help you.

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wann: Do. 03.11.2016   20:30

wo: Ratibor Theater
Cuvrystr. 20a, Kreuzberg, 10997 Berlin (Auf Stadtplan zeigen.)

About the Venue:

Ratibor Theater

For nearly 40 years, there is the small backyard theatre in Kreuzberg. The roots of the Ratibor Theatre go back to 70's. The history of the Theatre and the people behind it, somehow is representative for the history of the City of Berlin itself: from the highly politicized 1970's, the apocalyptic Kreuzberg of the 1980's, the end of the Berlin Wall to the post reunification era and the reality of a vibrating urban metropolis, that is still defining itself - all of that can be found in the history of The Ratibor Theatre.Since 1997 the Berlin improv group „Die Gorillas“ perform their weekly shows at Ratibor Theater. After almost twenty yearsthis symbiosis evolved a story of success, that formed the Ratibor into an international institution for impro and "Die Gorillas"to one of the best Impro-Groups worldwide. Additionally the annual festival for international impro theater IMPRO is takingplace here, too. 

About the play:

Impor Embassy

Impor Embassy was created to open the impro scene to all expats, tourists, impro regulars and to anyone who understands English. Thursdays the Ratibor Theater invites some of the most renowned and respected improv actors from all over the world to create stories spontaneously and in any artistic improvised way as a solo show or mixed with other improvisers. There is no script, there is no director. There is only the audience's suggestion and everything else develops on stage.


About the artists:

Lee White // DJ Hunnicutt

Lee White is an improviser, actor, stand up comedian and teacher and has been extensively touring Europe for several months per year regularly since 2001 with my internationally renowned comedy duo CRUMBS from Winnipeg.

DJ Hunnicutt has been DJing since 1991, both in the clubs and as a member of the Winnipeg instrumental outfit, the Hummers. As a member of Farm Fresh, Hunnicutt was also a co-founder of the acclaimed Canadian hip hop label Peanuts & Corn Records. Since 2005, Hunnicutt has been performing with internationally renowned improv duo Crumbs, enhancing their freestyle comedy shows with an improvised soundtrack.







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