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Fr. 17.03.2017   19:00->DOCK 11 EDEN*****, Prenzlauer Berg

Artist talk following 'touch of MADNESS'

Based on their own life stories, Nemanja Mutić and Katharina Maschenka Horn will create an image of the situation in the world today in their joined dance and theater collaboration project. The audiences are invited to share their impressions and to discuss with the artists after the show.

1 Balkan versus Germany. Foto: © Jan Novosel2 Lauren Hart, Theatre Maker and Performer

The very personal performance shows how a life is influenced by the political and social environment we grow up in. The members of "touch of MADNESS" - Katharina Maschenka Horn, Nemanja Mutić, Jan Günther and Jan Novosel – invite the audience to share their personal experiences and impressions. The topic of "Homeland" and "Identity" will play an important role in that discussion.

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7:00 pm – Dance Performance
After the performance -  Artist Talk
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wann: Fr. 17.03.2017   19:00

wo: DOCK 11 EDEN*****
Kastanienallee 79, Prenzlauer Berg, 10435 Berlin (Auf Stadtplan zeigen.)

About the venue:

Dock 11

The factory level of Dock 11 in Kastanienallee in Prenzlauer Berg is a rehearsals room, teaching studio and dance stage in one. The stage programme has interdisciplinary supplements such as theatre, performance, literature, music, visual art, film and club art – however the main focal point of every performance is on purely dance elements. Together with its other premises in EDEN***** in Berlin-Pankow, Dock 11 has established itself as an important part of the Berlin dance scene. The unique combination of teaching, rehearsal and stage generates an exciting change of perspectives in both the artists and pupils, as well as among the audience.  (source:



About the performance:

touch of MADNESS

Based on their own life stories and life settings, Nemanja Mutić and Katharina Maschenka Horn will create an image of the situation in the world today in their joined dance and theater collaboration project "touch of MADNESS". The artists will share, confront and question their traditions and cultures, the problem of communication and understanding between different cultures and different genders, in view of the past and current political and social situations in their home countries.

About the artist:

Katharina Maschenka Horn

Katharina Maschenka Horn is a Berlin based German dancer, choreographer and teacher. She studied Dance and Choreography at the ArtEZ - Hogeschool voor de kunsten Arnhem (NL). Since 2010 Katharina is working with Nir de Volff/ Total Brutal (Berlin, D), performing, assisting, as well as teaching the Total Brutal 'use-abuse-method'. Since 2014 Katharina performs at Schaubühne Berlin (D) in the production NEVER FOREVER by Falk Richter and Total Brutal. Katharina is working as a choreographer since 2008 with tight connections to the Balkan countries.

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