Dance + Rehearsal + Talk simple story of one woman

Di. 11.08.2015   18:00
Fr. 14.08.2015   20:30
->DOCK 11 EDEN*****, Prenzlauer Berg

Open rehearsal preceding and Post-Performance Discussion following AUF WIEDERSEHN

A simple story of a woman and her dreamy interactions with a military orchestra, elephants and even Marlene Dietrich... are told by Israeli choreographer Tomer Zirkilevich and dancer Michal Hirsch: they open the door to their rehearsal and also offer a post-performance discussion.

1 “There is something endless in a night train…”2 Marie Golüke, Performerin, Theatermacherin, Theaterscout

“Michal Hirsch is a superb performer, either acting or dancing, with a powerful stage presence. She captivates her audience without their tiring.” wrote Ruth Eshel about the performance in the Israeli Newspaper Haaretz. Together with choreographer Tomer Zirkilevich, they will be happy to open the doors to a rehearsal on August 11, and to discuss the performance after the show on August 14. Please note that Tomer Zirkilevich and Michal Hirsch will also offer a workshop from August 10-12. For more information:

Theater Scoutings is till August 25th on its summer break! Please inform the artist directly if you would like to attend the rehearsal on August 11 (free admission) at zirkele(at) Please reserve your tickets (10-15€) directly from the venue for the performance on August 14. Thank you! 


August 11th 
18:00 – 19:30: open rehearsal 
August 14th 
20:30 – performance 
after the show - Discussion
Questions? The persons with pink Theaterscoutings-badges are here to help you.

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Karten per E-Mail: ticket(at)

wann: Di. 11.08.2015   18:00
Fr. 14.08.2015   20:30

wo: DOCK 11 EDEN*****
Kastanienallee 79, Prenzlauer Berg, 10435 Berlin (Auf Stadtplan zeigen.)

About the Venue:


The factory level of Dock 11 in Kastanienallee in Prenzlauer Berg is a rehearsals room, teaching studio and dance stage in one. The stage programme has interdisciplinary supplements such as theatre, performance, literature, music, visual art, film and club art – however the main focal point of every performance is on purely dance elements. Together with its other premises in EDEN***** in Berlin-Pankow, Dock 11 has established itself as an important part of the Berlin dance scene. The unique combination of teaching, rehearsal and stage generates an exciting change of perspectives in both the artists and pupils, as well as among the audience.  (source:  

About the piece:


A simple story of one woman, a dancer, an actress, a wife and a mother, searching for belonging, love, freedom, exposure, identity, morals and independence. Her ambivalent state of mind brings her to a journey of self-discovery. Where and to whom does she belong? Where did she come from, and whence she was going? Interactions with an old woman, a military orchestra, elephants and even Marlene Dietrich lead her to the dreamy past, the real present and the endless future.

About the artists:

Tomer Zirkilevich and Michal Hirsch

Michal Hirsch is an Israeli performer, dancer, choreographer and teacher for modern/contemporary dance and improvisation.Dance studies: the Bat-Dor school in Tel-Aviv. Since 2009 living in Israel. Teaching in the gymnasium of the Jerusalem Academy, and Seminar Hakibutzim. Rehearsal director for  the “Inbal Dance Company”, Sally Anne Friedland, Tel-Aviv Dance Company-Amit Goldenberg and Yaara Dolev. Tomer Zirkilevich is an Israeli Choreographer, actor, dancer and teacher, based in Berlin. Graduate of The School for the Arts of Dance at the Kibbutzim College, Tel – Aviv, 2010.  In 2010 received a study scholarship from the Caesarea Fund for outstanding dance-theatre students. 

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