Solo Dance Performance with Live Music + Q&A artist discussion Female artists Transgressing patriarchy Multidimensional awareness

Fr. 19.10.2018   19:00->DOCK 11 EDEN*****, Prenzlauer Berg

Artist talk following 'W!Oman MADe'

Inspired by the creative path of several female artists Yuko Kaseki dares to walk in their shoes into a virtual game of manMade systems. The dance opens perspectives of transgressing such systems and creating new-made worlds. The talk offers an insight on womanMADE processes and invites to new questions for future non-binary views.

1 'this is a man's world, But it wouldn't be nothing, nothing with/out... ' Photo © Morvarid K2 Johanna Hasse, Regisseurin, Dramaturgin

W!Oman MADe is an ongoing research trying to make visible and bring justice to a variety of strong female artist who raised their voice against opression and power within the patriarch society. Simultaneously it is a hommage and celebration of their work and offers an opportunity for re-inventing our future. After the performance, the audience is invited to share their impressions, about the created images, and also to express their own perspectives on man- and womanMADE systems and engage in a collective dialogue about the possible future.

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7:00 pm – Performance
8:00 pm -  Artist Talk
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wann: Fr. 19.10.2018   19:00

wo: DOCK 11 EDEN*****
Kastanienallee 79, Prenzlauer Berg, 10435 Berlin (Auf Stadtplan zeigen.)

About the venue

Dock 11

The factory level of Dock 11 in Kastanienallee in Prenzlauer Berg is a rehearsals room, teaching studio and dance stage in one. The stage programme has interdisciplinary supplements such as theatre, performance, literature, music, visual art, film and club art – however the main focal point of every performance is on purely dance elements. Together with its other premises in EDEN***** in Berlin-Pankow, Dock 11 has established itself as an important part of the Berlin dance scene. The unique combination of teaching, rehearsal and stage generates an exciting change of perspectives in both the artists and pupils, as well as among the audience.  (source:



About the dance performance

W!Oman MADe

this is a man's world, But it wouldn't be nothing, nothing with/out...
in this man MADe world -
man made a car, a gun, a wall, a war,
and made money, to buy from other man,
vicious repetition of creating and destroying – a virtual game for adult boys.
How long will it be continued? Who is this man?
And what about the woman made world? How does it look like?
No one knows because woman had no chance to try,
or because man MADe it is his creation..

This dance performance is inspired from several female artists, who were staying truthful to their life, following the depth of inner wisdom. Through embodying the spirit of their art, experiencing their creative path of pain and cure, and searching into their secret creativity, the dance becomes a view of different perspectives that transgress the ready-MADe systems.

Yuko Kaseki seeks the vulnerability and the precariousness of one's existence, aiming to find meaning in the moment of being together and in sharing tools for re-making a possible future. 

About the Artists

Yoko Kaseki, Valerie Renay, Teo Vlad

Yuko Kaseki is director, choreographer, Butoh dancer, performance artist, improviser and teacher, based in Berlin. She teaches and performs in solo and ensemble pieces and improvisations through out 27 countries. These works are poetic and vivid images that incorporate the spirit of Butoh, improvisation and live art. Her performance aims to reflect the outsider’s existence. 

Valerie Renay is Berlin based French-Caribbean performer, director, electronic pop chanteuse, musician, vocal coach, painter, DJ and half of Electro Art Pop Noir duo Noblesse Oblige. Empowering songs and dreamlike melodies coloured by delicate poetry, makes her music cross through darker boundaries, showing rougher edges while exploring captivatingly twisted electronic territories. 

Teo Vlad studied Visual Communication at Edinburgh College of Art (UK), works since 2011 in Berlin as freelance Performer and Audio-Visual Designer for Film & Theater. Playing with Butoh and site specific Improvisation, they are constantly searching to find the most unique and authentic form to put the inner untold stories into poetic form. 

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