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  • So., 02.04.2017, 20:00
–> Acker Stadt Palast

Cartography following 'MUT'

How often do we read news without having an idea of the depth of that reality? We are used to hear such news, throw away the newspaper and continue the daily life as always. But what if the newspaper could take life? Tiziana Longo`s solo performance encourages new actions toward transformation and dignity. After the show, Jonas Feller and Anna-Sophia Fritsche invite the audiences to explore the performance space.

After the performance, the audience has the opportunity to explore the stage and survey it with their thoughts, memories and questions on adhesive notes. This will result in a shared cartography of the individual experiences of the performance. A discussion is held afterward.

You can now reserve tickets (8/13 €) including free admission to the post-performance discussion directly through Theater Scoutings! (up to 1 day before the performance) Just send an email and the desired number of tickets to reservierung(at)theaterscoutings-berlin.de.
You are also certainly welcome to simply come by on the day of the performance, but we are unable to guarantee that tickets will be available. 


8:00 pm – Performance
after the show - Cartography + Artist Talk
Questions? The persons with pink Theaterscoutings-badges are here to help you.

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  • So., 02.04.2017, 20:00
wo: Acker Stadt Palast, Ackerstr. 169/170, Mitte, 10115 Berlin (Auf Stadtplan zeigen.)

About the venue:

Acker Stadt Palast

Acker Stadt Palast is a place where established artists and newcomers meet to experience and reflect upon contemporary discourse. The venue, which opened in 2012 in Schokoladen in Mitte, focuses on offering new types of connections between contemporary dance and contemporary music. Acker Stadt Palast is also curious about various aesthetic forms of dance and theater.


About the solo:


Shifting from personal to public news, this piece is a collective solo that includes stories from many women of different countries and cultures that come to be taken as icons and represent the contradicted faces of our society. 'MUT' encourages new actions toward transformation and dignity. With live-music by Hoshiko Yamane.

About the artist:

Tiziana Longo

Tiziana Longo is a director, choreographer, dancer specialized in Japanese Butoh, a postwar avant-garde movement art form. Since 2010, she is directing Motimaru dance company based in Berlin together with Motoya Kondo.
The company is rooted in butoh and keeping a red thread faithful to the founders Tatsumi Hijikata and Ohno but also concerning about how to expand butoh in the wider context of contemporary performing arts and dance.
After studying Performing Arts in Bologna University, she has trained for 5 years in Japan at the Kazuo Ohno Dance Studio and has been working for several years with Yoshito Ohno, son of Kazuo Ohno, as stage assistant and dancer.
She has received precious lessons also from Mitsuyo Uesugi, Tomiko Takai, Yukio Waguri, Seisaku/Nagaoka and from Susanne Linke.
Her solo works Frida, Kawaki, Seppun, Yudo and MUT have always been premiere  in Tokyo.
As Motimaru she has been performing with Motoya Kondo in: the finale of the Marathon of the Unexpected at Venezia Biennale 2010, NoBallet 2014, and have been performing and teaching in Europe, Asia, Australia in over 30 cities.