Writing on performing arts + dance-opera-performance Kareth Schaffer

Di. 17.04.2018   20:00->Sophiensæle, Mitte

Writing in Response to 'Cassandra Has Turned'

Cassandra, princess of Troy, has a gift and a curse: she can see the future, but is doomed to be disbelieved. In this two-part work, Cassandra is reimagined as a living archive of potential futures and alternative pasts, catastrophes and multiverse utopias to become a kaleido- scopic oracle in body and voice. This event is part of A Season of Performance Writing, a series of practical writing workshops for everyone interested in writing, performance, and writing about performance, led by INTERNATIONAL NOTICE.

1 New dance-opera-performance by Kareth Schaffer, with Manon Parent, Lisa Vereertbrugghen, Cathy Walsh. Foto: Lena Mody

If you participate in A Season of Performance Writing, you will be invited to the dress rehearsals of five premieres across Berlin’s independent stages and spaces, ranging from dance to theater. After the show, lively writing exercises geared towards developing your skills, examining your ideas around performance, and writing from a fresh perspective will be facilitated. Sessions, held in English, are led by Richard Aslan and Louise Trueheart of INTERNATIONAL NOTICE whose joint experience encompasses performance making, choreography, writing, and editing. A Season of Performance Writing is brought to you by INTERNATIONAL NOTICE and THEATERSCOUTINGS BERLIN. INTERNATIONAL NOTICE is an artist-led project generating a constantly evolving archive of original and innovative critical writing in response to independent performance in Berlin.

Price for the season is 90 €, which includes the invitation to 5 performances and the writing workshops following each of them. An early-bird rate of 75 € is available until February 15th. (Prices are VAT inclusive.)


April 17: Cassandra Has Turned by Kareth Schaffer, in Sophiensaele
May 10: GOG / MAGOG by internil, in Theaterdiscounter
May 24: Aids Follies by Johannes Müller/Philine Rinnert, in Sophiensaele

Complete information

To  find out more and reserve your place, email us on: international.notice(at)gmail.com 

Karten-Telefon: 030/ 28 35 26 6

wann: Di. 17.04.2018   20:00

wo: Sophiensæle
Sophienstraße 18, Mitte, 10178 Berlin (Auf Stadtplan zeigen.)

About the venue


About the performance

Cassandra Has Turned

Cassandra, princess of Troy, is the point of departure for this new dance-opera-performance. She has a gift and a curse: she can see the future, but is doomed to be disbelieved. In this two-part work, Cassandra is reimagined as a living archive of potential futures and alternative pasts, catastrophes and multiverse utopias to become a kaleidoscopic oracle in body and voice.

About the Artist

Kareth Schaffer

Kareth Schaffer (1987, USA/NL), is a choreographer and performer who lives and works in Berlin, Germany. In her pieces Schaffer investigates how dance and the stage can point to places beyond themselves, critically examining the conditions under which art is produced and how it can build its relevance through analogy. Her choreographic work has been shown in numerous European venues, and includes a piece about a story she won’t tell you (An Animal Went Out, 2016); an exhaustive examination of foley as a choreographic tool (Unheard Of, 2016); a very short dance piece (As Easy As 1, 2, 3, 2013); and a conceptual mudwrestling tournament with a dubious 100,000 views on Youtube (Dirty Money Mudwrestling). Kareth Schaffer is a founding member of the choreography collective temporary archipelago with Ana Laura Lozza, Lee Meir, and Claudia Tomasi, and (co-)initiator of the Artist’s Pledge. She has worked with and for artists such as deufert&plischke, Tino Sehgal, Stefanie Wenner, Christian Falsnaes, Alexandre Achour, and Kyla Kegler.


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