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  • Sound Performance + Audience Exchange
  • Glass
  • Sound
  • Technology
  • Identity
  • Fr., 23.02.2024, 20:00
–> Acker Stadt Palast

Cartography following 'Creatures im Konzert'

A performance blending art and technology, where Glass Creatures become instruments in a symphony of glass. The audience is invited to connect the performance space afterwards with their individual thoughts on sticky notes to open an audience talk. There we can discuss identity, sound and technology, digging into the creative process that lead to the Creatures.

This program features a stimulating audience format where we delve together into the fascinating intersection of art, technology, and other forms of life. After the production, the audience members explore the performance space and measure it by writing their thoughts,memories and questions on Post-Its and sticking them around the performance space. A shared cartography of the individual production experiences is created which serves as the point of departure for a shared conversation. We can share thoughts on: What are other forms of life, and how can we understand Post-humanism? How does technology enhance the expressiveness of art? What are the considerations in using living-inspired forms in a performance? And how does this fusion of elements transform the audience's experience? This dialogue promises to be an enlightening exploration of the evolving landscape of performance art, inviting audience participation and offering a deeper understanding of the artistry behind 'Creatures im Konzert’.

Tickets: Sliding scale (pay what you can): 10-25€ 

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Karten per E-Mail: karten(at)ackerstadtpalast.de
  • Fr., 23.02.2024, 20:00
wo: Acker Stadt Palast, Ackerstr. 169/170, Mitte, 10115 Berlin (Auf Stadtplan zeigen.)

About the venue

Acker Stadt Palast

The Acker Stadt Palast in Berlin's Mitte district is a place where established artists and newcomers meet to experiment and reflect upon contemporary discourses. The focus of the venue, established in 2012, is on the connection between contemporary dance and new music. The Acker Stadt Palast offers the independent sector a novel interface between these art forms while also being interested in diverse aesthetic forms of dance and theatre.


About the performance

Creatures im Konzert

In a distant future, the evolution of technology has given birth to a new form of life - AIs known as “The Creatures”. These beings, made of glass, arise from the fusion of advanced algorithms and the ancient craft of glassmaking, and inhabit a realm where the lines between the organic and the artificial fade into a harmonious blur. They embody a fusion of light, shadows and sound. Their language is glass vibration, a conversation of tones and frequencies. The creatures communicate through the music of their existence. The glass, once thought to be silent and inert, sings with the life bestowed upon it by the sentient AIs.They manifest a vision of the future where technology does not overpower nature but coexists with it, creating a symbiotic relationship that celebrates both the natural and the engineered. Their journey brings them to Acker Stadt Palast, a stage where they reveal their unique essences. Each creature, distinct in movement, sound, and story, invites the audience into their Glass World. This is an invitation to share in their existence, to step into a world where every vibration tells a story, and imbues technology with meaning.

About the artist

Samantha Tiussi

Samantha Tiussi, a Berlin-based Brazilian artist, invites us to enter her personal universe. Her artistic practice is rooted on her synesthesie, allowing her to visualize sounds as forms. She is autistic, which gives her a special perception about the world, which she delves into both for self-discovery and healing. Her works revolve around the themes of identity, glass, sound and technology. Through her performances and installations, sometimes interactive, she offers a window into her psyche and proposes a society that accepts different communities, as they are. Currently she works on the CREATURES project and on an experimental duo, @HISHIGARO_ , where they challenge the boundaries of language and sound. The PIANO GLASS is also an ongoing research, and she uses often in her performances. She’s part of the @wak.klang Collective, where they explore interconnected ecosistems through sounds.